Private Label

Private Label

If you’re looking for a bath and body product that we don’t already carry in our catalog, want us to duplicate another company’s product, want to make extensive customizations to an existing product, or want to become a distributor, private labeling might be the option you’re looking for.

For an additional fee, we’ll formulate and test your products, and then give you samples to test yourself. Once we’ve developed the product you’re looking for, we’ll label it as “Manufactured for” or “Distributed by” along with your contact information.

Private labeling and product development can take much longer to go into production than white labeling, as all new product formulations have to be tested for consumer safety. So it’s best to plan at least six months in advance before products will reach your shelves.

However, if you just want to distribute an already formulated product that’s been customized for your brand, your production times will be much shorter, and our bulk ordering discounts make this option extremely affordable.