Cold Processed

Cold processed soap is the most customizable and luxurious bar soap we offer, but there’s a catch… All cold processed soaps have a two month production time, and must be ordered in advance. Why? Because these soaps need to cure for at least six weeks to harden completely, and be the best soap they can be!

Our base recipe for our cold processed soaps contains olive oil, coconut oil, RSPO Certified Sustainable palm oil, castor oil, and sweet almond oil. This recipe produces a nice, hard bar of soap that cleanses the skin without drying it out. These oils can be adjusted slightly with similar results, but if you’re looking to completely reinvent the wheel, please visit our link on private labeling.

We also currently have formulations for baby (sensitive skin) soaps, beauty (facial) bars, and pine tar soaps.

Cold processed soaps can be customized with additives, extracts, and concentrates. Small changes to the oils may be available under our white label program; large changes may need to be tested however, and could fall under our private label program. Let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll go over your available options.




Glycerin soaps pull moisture into the skin, and leave it intensely hydrated. Because they’re moisture magnets though, they have to be packaged in plastic or they will develop “dew” on the surface. The bases for these soaps are pre-made, so the production time is much quicker than it is with cold processed soaps, but they can sometimes leave a sticky feeling on the skin.

We currently offer white glycerin soaps, clear, goat’s milk, and an aloe and olive oil soap, with more being added to our inventory very soon.

These soaps can be customized by adding concentrates, additives, and detergents to boost the lather and minimize the sticky after feel. Additionally, these soaps can be molded into fun shapes for seasonal promotions!


We currently have two liquid soap formulations in our recipe book, with more being added soon.

Our first formula is a super gentle castile soap, made with over 80% olive oil, with the addition of castor oil to boost lather. This recipe can be customized with extracts, concentrates, or detergents to give a more luxurious lather.

Additionally, we also have a Sunflower oil based liquid soap formulation that has a higher cleansing rating than our castile soap. This soap is perfect for people with oily skin who need more clarifying power, or those who have tough jobs that leave them extra dirty. This soap can be customized with extracts, concentrates, or detergents to add lather.


We offer solid and liquid soaps for shaving; the choice depends on your market.

Solid shaving pucks are mostly used by men with shaving brushes. They produce a dense, long-lasting lather that lifts the hair away from the skin. These pucks can be customized with your choice of oils, butters, or extracts. Add CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation and minimize ingrown hairs.

Liquid shave soaps appeal more to women. They produce little to no lather, but are high in conditioning oils to soothe sensitive skin. These formulations can be customized by adding extracts, detergents to boost lather, emulsifiers to make a shave lotion, or by adding CBD to reduce razor rash and ingrown hairs.