Our thick lotion formulations contain 65% - 75% water soluble ingredients, and 25% - 30% oils, butters and waxes. This makes for a heavy lotion that should be packaged in jars or pump bottles, and is perfect for overly dry skin. 

Heavy lotions are a great product to carry during the winter months, when skin is usually chapped and dry. During the summer, it’s perfect for heels that tend to get dry and cracked from time spent barefoot on the beach. Additionally, mature skin can benefit from a heavy, overnight moisturizer that’s been tailor made with non-comodegenic oils and butters.

You can customize your branded lotion by choosing which oils, butters, humectants, and extracts will best suit your clientele’s needs.


Our light lotion formulations contain 75% - 85% water soluble ingredients, and 15% - 25% light oils and emulsifiers. These light and airy formulations are perfect for any time you need a little moisture on your skin, and make exceptional daily facial moisturizers when formulated with non-comodegenic oils.

Light lotions can be packaged in squeezable bottles, pump bottles, or jars, depending on the intended usage.

You can make your light lotion the perfect fit for your clients by choosing the oils, humectants, extracts, and emulsifiers for your formulation.

Lotion Bars

Lotions bars are anhydrous, meaning they have no water soluble ingredients in the formulation. They are made with waxes, butters, and oils, which result in a solid bar of product that melts with skin contact so it can be massaged into the skin.

Lotion bars are typically packaged in tins, jars, or twist up tubes, and make a great portable lotion that won’t spill in a bag or suitcase. They are perfect for extremely dry skin, or the traveler who wants a convenient, mess-free lotion.

You can customize your lotion bar recipe by choosing the oils, butters, and waxes you love the most. Lotion bars can tend to feel oily or waxy on the skin, but choosing to add tapioca starch as well as the inclusion of powdery emulsifiers can neutralize that oily feel.

Specialty Lotions

B-Movie Beauty currently offers several specialty formulations. Because these products are formulated to target certain skin conditions or areas of use, customization is limited. If you would like to customize any of these recipes, please contact us for further information.

After Sun Lotion – Formulated with aloe, sunflower, and rice bran oils for their skin-soothing properties, this lotion is perfect for sun parched skin. Add CBD to the mix to increase the anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing summer lotion.

Skin Soothing Lotion – (anti Itch) – Witch Hazel, colloidal oatmeal, camphor, and menthol combine in this lotion to soothe and calm irritated, itchy skin. This is perfect for summer bug bites, sunburned skin, or skin that’s just easily irritated. Add in CBD to make this super light lotion an anti-itch power house.

Cooling Cream – Camphor and menthol pack a punch in this heavy-duty cooling cream that soothes tired muscles and aching backs. Add red pepper concentrate, for an icy-hot feel, or CDB for that lovely label appeal.

In-Shower Lotion – Powerful humectants pull the moisture from the shower into your skin, while occlusive ingredients seal it in. This lotion is applied to wet skin after your shower or bath, and then blotted dry with a towel. It will leave you feeling soft, hydrated, and silky smooth all day! Switch out a butter with BioLatum for an intensively hydrating in-shower treatment.