Body Butters



Our anhydrous body butters contain no water soluble ingredients in the formulation, and instead are made up of butters, oils and waxes to give the most intense skin conditioning available. These ingredients are melted together, and then whipped to provide a lighter product that is easier to apply to the skin.

Perfect for dry, chapped, cracking skin, you could package your butter with soft cotton gloves and/or socks to market it as an intense overnight treatment.

Customize your formulation with tapioca starch to reduce oiliness, or choose your favorite butters and oils to suit your target market.


Emulsified butters contain less than 65% water, and are much more stable at higher temperatures than our anhydrous butters are. These soft and silky creams still have enormous skin conditioning and hydrating capabilities, but with less of an oily after effect.

Our emulsified butter formulation can be customized with extracts, concentrates, butters, and oils to suit your brand mission.