Bath Soaks

Bath Soaks

Bath Salts

Bath salts are the perfect way to turn an ordinary soak into a luxury spa bath. Salt softens the water and makes it feel silky against your skin, with the added oils moisturize and condition your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

You can choose your salt, oils, and additives, as well as add fizzing agents and/or foaming agents to fill the tub with luxurious bubbles.


Bath bombs and bubble bars add excitement to your tub! Bath bombs are primarily made up of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, and explode into fizzy goodness when they hit the water. They can be customized by adding skin conditioning oils, humectants, or butters, or by adding foaming agents to provide bubbles with the fizz.

Bubble Bars are an eco-friendly solid bubble bath made with detergents. They are crumbled under running water to provide loads of luxurious bubbles. Customize your bubble bar with extracts, concentrates, or additives to give your customers a one of a kind bath experience.


If your customers are looking for the ultimate treat for their skin, conditioning bath oils are the way to go. Available in liquid or solid form, bath oils are the most intense form of skin hydration available for the tub.

Bath oils are made using light, “dry” oils, and combined with a liquid emulsifier to reduce the oily residue left behind in the tub. You can choose your oils, and add in concentrates to formulate a product to best fit your market.

Bath truffles are a solid bath oil that fizzes when it is dropped into water. Made up of butters and oils along with fizzing agents, you can customize your truffles with your favorite butters, oils, extracts, and additives.