Essential Oils

Black Pepper Oil Eucalyptus Oil Ginger Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil Orange Oil Peppermint Oil Spearmint Oil Tea Tree Oil

Black-Pepper-Oil - Black Pepper essential oil is warm and spicy with a hint of crisp and fresh wood. Black Pepper Essential Oil is great in beard oils, massage oils, and soaps.

Eucalyptus-Oil - A camphorous, minty aroma with notes of green.

Ginger-Oil - A spicy warm aroma with an earthy undertone.

Lavender-Oil - The floral aroma of lavender flowers.

Lemon-Oil - The bright and sunny aroma of a freshly zested lemon.

Orange-Oil - The uplifting aroma of sweet and sunny freshly peeled oranges.

Peppermint-Oil - Cool minty fresh aroma of peppermint

Spearmint-Oil - Cool minty fresh and green herbal aroma.

Tea-Tree-Oil - The herbal and earthy aroma of tea tree. Popular in face care products.